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Price: Rs. 195

Product Title : Complete Remedy for stomach
Packing Size : 250 gm Pet Bottle
Dose : 5 gm (half table spoon) 2-times a day after meals
Contradiction : None
Side Effect : None
Indication : Hyper Acidity, Constipation, Nausea, Vomiting, Digestive Prolblems, Gastro Intestinal Pain, Stomach Ache, Bad Breathe
Composition :
Hing 2mg .
Kishniz 50mg .
Elaichi khurd 50mg .
Elaichi kalan 50mg .
Filfil siah 50mg .
Zeera siah 50mg .
Anardana 50mg .
Kalonji 50mg .
Amcgoor 100mg .
Zanjbeel 100mg .
Namak siah 125mg .
Seb shirin 500mg .
Gulqand aftabi 500mg .
Morabba zanjbeel 500mg .
Morabba amla 500mg .
Morabba halela 500mg .
Qand 6803mg .
Sodium benzoate 20mg .

Description : Chatni Hazmeena, a delicious and effective remedy for all sorts of stomach disorders. It strength the stomach, thus regulates gstric function. It hepls in curing constipation, hyper acidity, Nausea and the vomiting. It also helps in increasing apetite and gives prompt effect in gastro intestinal pain and releases gas....

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